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New game: Doyu Gems

2009-10-01 08:05:59 by Doyu

I just uploaded a new game: Doyu Gems.
Doyu Gems is a multiplayer puzzle game. The main objetive is to create matches of 3 or more in a row or column by clicking an adjacent tile to swap. Behind some tiles there are wooden (or metal) plaques. Make matches over all the wooden (and metal) plaques to destroy them and finish the level.
Wooden plaques need 1 match to be destroyed, whereas metal plaques need 2 matches. To swap tiles either make click on one tile and then on an adjacent tile or drag one tile up to the other tile. There are 80 levels with many different puzzles and challenges and a multiplayer mode where you can play against other 2 people on the same match.

This is the 4th multiplayer game of

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New game: Doyu Gems


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