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Doyu Sudoku

2009-07-03 06:26:02 by Doyu

I just uploaded the demo of the game: Doyu Sudoku.

This is a demo of the game Multiplayer Doyu Sudoku, a multiplayer online Sudoku game. I have uploaded here just a simple version of the complete game, which is available on

The complete version of DoyuGames is multiplayer and include several modes to play.
In the multiplayer mode, you can play Battle matches, where you play versus one single opponent on the same Sudoku. On the Race mode you play versus up to other 7 people to be the fastest to solve your Sudoku.
In the single player mode you can choose between Free and Evolution mode.

You have several difficulties: Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert.

Remember that on you can find all this games:
Doyu Sudoku
Doyu Golf
Doyu Defense
Doyu Jump
Electric Doyu 1
Electric Doyu 2

Doyu Sudoku

Doyu Golf

2009-06-22 11:32:07 by Doyu

I have just upload the 1 player version of Doyu Golf, a Mini Golf Flash game.
You can play the multiplayer version in Doyu Games.

New game: Electric Doyu 2

2009-06-19 04:12:31 by Doyu

Today we release the sequel of the game Electric Doyu 1: Electric Doyu 2.

Electric Doyu 2 is the forth 1-player game of the Doyu Games project. On this site you can also play to some multiplayer online games.

It is a puzzle game with 24 new levels. The objective is the same of Electic Doyu 1. You will have to make the Crazy Doyu arrive up to the goal by using some electric forces that attract and push the Doyu.

Controls are completely simple: Just use SPACE bar to switch on the electric forces to move the Doyu.

New game: Electric Doyu 2

Electric Doyu

2009-02-17 06:57:42 by Doyu

Today we release our 3rd 1-player game: Electric Doyu, a puzzle game with 24 levels.
We hope you like it.

Electric Doyu

Doyu Jump

2008-10-16 12:55:27 by Doyu

Today we release Doyu Jump, a fast and simple game.
The idea is simple: draw a line and make the Doyu bounce to go as high as possible.


Doyu Defense 1.1 released

2008-05-16 12:01:03 by Doyu

I have just released Doyu Defense 1.1, an improved version of Doyu Defense, which I also uploaded to this site some time ago.

Doyu Defense Spanish

2008-02-12 13:00:16 by Doyu

Well, this is the same game (Doyu Defense) that I uploaded yesterday, but translated to Spanish.
I translated it because we are Spanish and some of our friends wanted to play in Spanish.
For Spanish instructions click here

Doyu Defense

2008-02-11 09:43:04 by Doyu

Well, this is the first game I'm releasing: Doyu Defense.
I hope you'll like it and I'll be waiting for your comments and suggestions.